Zong Timepey Mobile Topup

This branch of timepey services which have been recently launched by Zong is to cater prepaid mobile balance and post paid bills. The service allows its users to pay out post paid mobile bills and to purchase pre paid balance anywhere in Pakistan 24/7. The service can be utilized by Zong customers who possess a timepey account. Another thing here is that the service can be availed by Zong’s corporate customers or customers who fall within the prepaid category.

The timepey account holders will be allowed to use the service for purchasing prepaid balance for themselves and for any other prepaid connections of Zong. The other facility which such account holders can use is the facility to pay out post paid bills of their own and the post paid bills of any other customers that possess a post paid connection of Zong. No extra charges will be applicable in the scenario.

The following is the process which you need to follow for achieving the above purposes.

  1. Dial *888# and open the timepey menu of the timepey account that you hold and then go the option that says topup.
  2. Enter the number of the cell for which you are purchasing the prepaid balance.
  3. Enter the amount of the prepaid balance which you desire to buy.
  4. Dial in the PIN number of your account and then go on by confirming the details.
  5. Press OK to complete the transaction.
  6. After the process is done, you will receive a message that will confirm the transaction and will also provide the details of the transaction.

Now comes how to use the service for paying out post bills, don’t worry as the process is the same as you just need to go on with the requirements. So if its 2 am in the morning and you need to topup your account, just give your fingers a little exercise and there you have it. It’s as simple as it can get.

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