Zong Introduces New Number Series

Zong Introduces New Number SeriesAll the Zong customers should get ready because Zong introduces new number series for its users.

As we are all aware from the fact that the selling of SIM has been banned on all the retail stores and now the people are just allowed to buy the numbers from the franchises of the particular cellular network. In all such situations and circumstances, Zong has arrived with some fun-loving and interesting new number series for its users. These numbers are starting from 03111XXXXXX and 03110XXXXXX.

If the Zong users are interested and are keen to know any additional details about the newest arrival of new numbers then they can get switched with the website at this instant moment. Now the customers are not supposed to buy any number more than five times from their ID card!

However, this new number series of Zong will allow the users to get enriched with the tract number in the very beginning and when the person will buy the number then they have to remember their ID card number and served track number through the ticker formation. Well all those who are excited enough for this new number series by Zong they must avail it now before anyone else get enriched with these numbers. HURRY NOW…….

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