World’s Largest Women University In Saudi Arabia

Good news for all the women in Saudi Arabia. Most of the people would be thinking that the university might have been opened in the United States, but contrary to your expectations, the university has been launched in Saudi Arabia. The initiative has been taken from the side of King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz for giving a new face and boost to the higher education for the women in the kingdom. The University has been named as Princess Nora Bint AbdulRahman University (PNU) which has been made at a cost of nearly 20 billion riyals ($ 5.3 billion). Based on the cost of the project, it is more than obvious that is some huge investment which has been done from the side of the King and all the concerned authorities. The inauguration phase of the University has been carried out by the Royal Family members themselves and was also attended by a number of other important government officials.

The University Campus covers an area of nearly 26 million feet which is approx. 8 million square meters. According to the University authorities, nearly 40000-50000 students would be provided an admission purely on the basis of merit and commitment. There would be nearly 15 different departments in the University. Furthermore, the environment is to be made car free, in order to reduce the chances of any sort of pollution. In order to provide transportation, a special sort of monorail train is going to be used. In addition to all this, the university has also been equipped with a number of solar panels which are going to provide nearly 20 % of the electricity needed for the university.

A hospital has also been added to it with the presence of nearly 700 beds. Nearly 12000 students would also be accommodated in the hostels. There is no doubt in saying that the University is the largest in the world and has also been equipped with the latest facilities which are not present in most of the institutions of the world. For those who do not know, the campus has been added into the present areas of the University. The President and Vice President of the University have stated that they have introduced a number of new courses and programs in order to prepare the students for the job markets and for the future that lies ahead. Furthermore, they also stated that a number of additional courses are also being offered in order to hone the capabilities of the students at all levels.

The best thing about the university is the fact that the environment has been made ecofriendly keeping in view a number of important factors and various dimensions of global warming and pollution. The library of the university also contains nearly 6 million titles of various works alongside their references which is something most of the Universities in the world lack in. The step has been taken keeping in view the fact that there are nearly 58 % women students in the country in various institutions, so this step is going to encourage more and more women to enter into the domain of education.

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