Warid Reload Offer Free SMS & Minutes

Recently, Warid introduced a new offer “Warid Reload Offer” for its users which is an amazing and a brilliant idea that will also reward the Warid customers with not only prizes but also a chance to cash rewards which will be won through a lucky draw.

The special element of this offer is that every participant will be a winner. On a reload of Rs.50 the user will be given guarantee off of a prize of free20 on-net minutes, 100 free SMS and also unlimited free calls on F&F numbers each time Rs. 50 of reload takes place.

Warid Reload Offer

Except for this offer, all the customers will also be given a chance to win Rs.100, 000 every single day and a bumper prize of 5, 00,000 which will be done through a lucky draw. The prize money of the bumper prize will take place after the campaign duration is completed, which is scheduled from 1st of June to the 30th June 2019.

The fun part is, the more you reload, the more and extra you win!!!


  • 1.   To participate in the contest, user is required to reload at least Rs.50
  • 2. There is no requirement for subscription for any kind of reward
  • 3.   For the Bumper prize:
  • a.   A number of loading entries in number of 50 will result in a lot entries for the winner of lucky draw
  • b.   At least Rs.50 needs to reloaded in one transaction
  • c.   Daily a cash prize will be distributed of Rs.100,000
  • d.   Once the campaign ends the bumper prize of Rs. 500,000 will be given to the lucky winner
  • e.   To participate in the lucky draw, each and every transaction of  Rs.50 or in multiples in the last 30 days will be added whereas for the prize money of daily reward, reload transactions conducted during the last 24 hours will be considered and will be refreshed every single day
  • 4.Instant reward for real time
  • a.  For instant surprise reward only Rs. 50 will be considered
  • b. Instant surprise winner can be one of the three
  • i.   20 free on minutes will be offered (which cannot be used during the time of 6pm-9pm)
  • ii.   100 free SMS will also be offered
  • iii.  Free calling offer within on net Friends & Family
  • c. Free resources will be valid for one day only
  • i. If the customer reloads Rs.50 before 8p.m, in that case the free minutes/SMS will only be valid till mid-night.
  • ii.  If the customer loads after 8p.m, in that case the free minutes/SMS will be valid the next day
  • 5.  This offer is going to take place for 30 days from 1st June-30June
  • 6.   Only prepaid users of Warid are eligible for this campaign
  • 7.   Balancing sharing between two subscribers will not be considered to avail this offer.

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