Warid Prepaid to Postpaid Balance Transfer

Warid Prepaid to Postpaid Balance Transfer

Warid is now offering Prepaid to Postpaid Balance Transfer! Yes, after the successful launching of postpaid to prepaid balance transfer and postpaid to postpaid balance transfer, Warid is now offering and releasing prepaid to postpaid balance transfer. So, if you are having a low bill payment, you do not have to worry now, Warid is all here for you to bring 360 degree solution for you.

For prepaid to postpaid balance transfer, send number and amount through SMS on 2424. If you are going to transfer the balance between the range of Rs. 10 and Rs. 50 then you will be charged with Rs. 2.5 plus tax amount. If you are going to transfer the balance more than Rs. 50 then 5 % tax will be applied. Make sure that a prepaid customer can share and transfer balance up to Rs. 200.

As we all know that Warid is a big and massive name in this telecom sector. It is million numbers of fans and we are sure that these million numbers of fans have always been waiting for such kind of offers. This is the only reason that Warid has now come up with this amazing and thrilling package. Try out this balance sharing offer and talk to your friends and family mates for unlimited time period. So, all prepaid customers, it is time to help out your postpaid friends in the hour of need. If you have any question in your mind related to this balance sharing offer, feel free to ask from us. Hit on this offer and make a real plunge into a balance transfer world. There is a lot more to come by Warid. You just wait and watch!

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