Warid Launches Its Urdu Website

Warid is considered to be most popular and well known mobile network in Pakistan. This mobile network company is very popular among young generation. Every year, Warid announced its many offers and services to the customers. Recently, Warid has announced that it launched its Urdu website to facilitate the customers. This is the latest and new service introduced by any telecom company in Pakistan and Warid has taken or introduce this initiative. This telecom company introduces this service by keeping in mind the most important factor that huge percentage of Pakistani population reads and understands Urdu language as compared to English language. Moreover, Warid has also introduced or launched its prepaid section in Urdu language along with the broad plan to add additional Urdu pages in future.

Warid Launches Its Urdu Website

Without any doubt, we can say that this is considered to be the incredible achievement by Warid because Urdu is the national language and almost 90 percent of population in Pakistan is very comfortable in reading Urdu language. Moreover, this Warid website will provide incredible access to those people who want to understand Warid offers, its products and major services. So all those people who wants to read the services and offers of Warid in Urdu they should visit Warid website. The link is given below:

Visit Warid Urdu Portal: http://www.waridtel.com/prepaid/urdu/

Finally, we can say that Warid website is the most incredible and interesting service to all users who wants to collect information about the Warid offers, products and services.

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