Warid launches ‘Behtar Pakistan’ campaign

Warid 'Behtar Pakistan' campaignWarid launches ‘Behtar Pakistan’ campaign now! According to this campaign named by ‘Behtar Pakistan’ Warid will be showcasing education, culture, traditions and togetherness of Pakistan. As we all know that, these days Pakistan is facing serious sort of situation and critical days are going on. This campaign will be providing support to all the Pakistanis. This campaign will tell each and every Pakistani that one day their country will sooner or later come out from this trauma and uncertain situations.

Warid’s Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Younas Iqbal Sheikh said:

“The last few years were a difficult time for the people of Pakistan as they faced a plethora of problems such as natural disasters, a slow economy and terrorism. This is why Warid Telecom has launched its ‘Behtar Pakistan’ campaign which aims to reinstate that we stand with the people of Pakistan and are as hopeful as every other Pakistani that with unity, faith and discipline we can achieve great success.”

Warid is also highlighting its core values and norms in this campaign. Through this campaign, Warid will be in a position to enhance and improve its services. This campaign is making a celebration of Pakistan unity, faith, strength and togetherness. There is a still hope! So far, this is a great initiative by Warid. Such kind of campaigns should keep on launching and introducing so that morale of Pakistanis can be boosted up and they may also keep on working hard for the betterment of their country. It is high time to make Pakistan a new Pakistan and this can only be done if each one of us will start working towards its progress, success and prosperity. Be the part of this ‘Behtar Pakistan’ campaign and give your country a totally new direction and path.

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