Warid Free SMS Service With Gmail Accounts

Well there is good news for all the Gmail and Warid users that now Warid has arrived in the mobile network market with the most incredible and out of ordinary offer with the superb combination of Gmail Account. Now you might be thinking that what this service is. Just hold your breath because in this article we will be giving you the complete jam packed exploded details about this offer. Each year and even after every few months Warid has all the time make an effort to grab the attention of his patrons through unique services. Freshly, Warid has launched the “Free SMS Service with Gmail Account”. Isn’t it exciting? This service allows the customers to send the messages to all the Warid numbers through their Gmail Account and that too free of cost. The Warid will also receive the message in return and can even reply it back as well. In the Gmail messages service the SMS process is undertaken in the same line just as we make out the chatting with second person. Well let’s have a look at some of the prominent steps and terms and conditions applied for getting connected with this service.

Warid Free SMS Service With Gmail Accounts


  • All the Gmail users will simply need to open their account or get sign in. Afterwards they will open the chat box.
  • After viewing the window of the chat box just enter the phone number to whom you want to send the message.
  • This will open with the window consisting of country code and phone number of the person. This window will help you to instantly send the message next time without entering any number.
  • In the ending stage the chat box will open and as you type the message it will swiftly reach to the particular person.


  • As soon as the Warid customer will receive the message on his or her mobile then he is required to send back the message reply just within the 24 hours otherwise the message will get all expired.
  • If the person wants to avoid the messages of the particular Gmail Account users then the Warid customer can make the use of BLOCK command.
  • Furthermore, if the person wants to receive the messages one more time then he or she can make the use of UN-BLOCK command.


  • All those users who will send the message through the Gmail Account can send the SMS free of cost.
  • Whereas all such Warid patrons who will reply back the message have to pay the cost of Rs.1 plus tax on ever single message.
  • There are no charges on the opening of the service on mobile phones.

So this was all for the Warid Free SMS Service with Gmail account. We hope that you will find it much interesting and will definitely sign into the Gmail account after reading this article. HAVE FUN………

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