Warid Drops International Call Rates For 31 Countries

If we talk about popular and well known mobile network brands then we should mention the name of Warid. Every year, Warid introduced many exciting packages for the customers. Recently, Warid has introduced another attractive and exciting service i-e Warid drops International Call Rates for 31 countries. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can utilize this offer by sending the message of ON to 4343. For the customers, the detailed and complete list of destinations is provided in the below table. Warid customers can share their international MMS with their family members, relative and friends in many 175 countries in the whole world. This roaming service is available in major 148 countries. On the other hand, prepaid roaming service gets extended to almost 31 countries. There are many unique and innovative services provided by Warid like SMS roaming, Wi-Fi roaming, Maritime roaming etc. Now we would like to mention the discounted call rates in the form of table which is mentioned below:

Warid Drops International Call Rates For 31 Countries


Selected Countries

Charges/ 20 second

 1. Australia (LL) 0.48
 2. Belgium (LL) 0.48
 3. Canada (LL+M) 0.48
 4. China (LL+M) 0.48
 5. Denmark (LL) 0.48
 6. France (LL) 0.48
 7. Germany (LL) 0.48
8. Greece (LL) 0.48
9. Hong Kong (LL+M) 0.48
10. Italy (LL) 0.48
11. Netherlands (LL) 0.48
12. Norway (LL) 0.48
13. Spain (LL) 0.48
14. Sweden (LL) 0.48
15. UK (LL) 0.48
16. USA (LL+M) 0.48
17. Argentina (LL) 1.5
18. Austria (LL) 1.5
19. Cyprus (LL) 1.5
20. Hungary (LL) 1.5
21. India (LL+M) 1.5
22. Ireland (LL) 1.5
23. Japan (LL) 1.5
24. Malaysia (LL+M) 1.5
25. New Zealand (LL) 1.5
26. Singapore (LL+M) 1.5
27. South Korea (LL) 1.5
28. Switzerland (LL) 1.5
29. Taiwan (LL) 1.5
30. Thailand (LL+M) 1.5
31. Venezuela (LL) 1.5

Now we would like to discuss the terms and conditions for availing this service. The main and important terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. This exciting offer will be valid for just only 31 countries in the whole world.
  2. For using this service, customer should send the sms On to 4343.
  3. This offer is considered to be availed for both postpaid as well as prepaid customers of Warid.
  4. Moreover, the daily charges for the prepaid customer is Rs: 2.
  5. Furthermore, the monthly charges for using this service for the postpaid customer are the Rs: 60.
  6. We would like to mention another condition that discounted rates will be applicable on both landlines as well as mobile.
  7. In additionally, discounted rates will be charged in the whole day without facing any restriction.
  8. If any customer wants to unsubscribe this offer then he should send SMS off to 4343.
  9. Lastly, we would like to mention that this service has the limited time offer.

Finally, these are considered to be important and major requirements for availing this Warid service. All Warid customers should avail this exciting service i-e Drops International Call Rates for 31 countries.

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