Warid Brings Postpaid to Prepaid Balance Transfer Service

Postpaid to Prepaid Balance TransferDo you know that Warid Brings Postpaid to Prepaid Balance Transfer Service? Check out this piece of writing and get to know the requisite amount of details with regard to this offer line been provided to Warid customers.

For the information of the readers, this is a kind of service in which the postpaid customers of Warid are allowed and permitted to share their balance with the prepaid customers and Glow customers. This is extremely a fascinating and attractive offer.

The Chief Commercial Officer named by Mr. Younas Iqbal Sheikh is of this notion and belief that this offer and service provided by Warid will surely come out to be an excellent service. He is of this viewpoint that there might be a situation when parents or businessmen want to send balance to their kids when their kids run out of balance. With the help of this service, they can now easily and conveniently share balance with their kids.

All the Warid post paid customers are allowed to share balance up to Rs. 50 with the prepaid Warid customers and Glow customers. Regarding the method for sharing balance, send B<space>Recipient Number<space>Transfer Amount” to 2424. This is all the end of the process.

For each single request, post paid Warid customers have to pay Rs.5.00+tax. These are the service charges and they will be applied in a tax form. Rs.0.05+tax will be charged when the post paid customer will send message to 2424

On the whole it is the time to take maximum benefit from this service that is offered by Warid. You will surely enjoy this Postpaid to Prepaid Balance Transfer Service. For more clarity, stay connected with this web page so that you may better know as to how to activate this offer line.

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