Warid Announced Dual Number SIM urgent

Warid has been known amongst the most distinguished and yet renowned mobile networks within Pakistan. This network has all the time make an effort to highlight fascinating and exciting offers for their customers. This time Warid has arrived in the technology mobile world with the highlighted announcement of dual number SIM urgent offer. As it has been much obvious from the name itself this offer will allow all the Warid patrons to get switched with two Warid numbers at one SIM. This offer has been accessible for all the prepaid customers who do not want to get trap into the troublesome of two handsets at a time. Let’s have a look at the activation and terms and conditions of this exciting Warid offer.

Warid Announced Dual Number SIM Urgent


  • The person or the Warid customer is required to send the SMS as “SUB” to 3311 from its currently using Warid SIM.
  • This offer will just be valid within the given time period from the network. This time phase will be specified after activating with the package.
  • The second used Warid number can be turned on or turned off at instant moment.
  • If you want to switch on with the second Warid number then you have to send the SMS at 3300.
  • This message will cost the amount of Rs.0.5 per minute.
  • This will be the choice of the network from enriching you with the second Warid number. This number will be informed through message.


For making the phone calls or messages from the firsts number you have to follow the same process but for making the calls and SMS from second number you have to type 33 before the mobile number of particular person. This package will cost the rate of Rs. 7 for per week subscription. From the double number the person will charge with the calling amount of Rs. 1.6 per minute while the message cost will be Rs. 0.5 for per message. If you want to get deactivate with this offer then you can send an SMS as “UNSUB” to 3300. Well you have to follow all the terms and conditions that will be specified after availing the offer. All such people who are in the bad need of using two Warid SIM at one time they must get connected with this offer and we are sure that you will just love this offer. HAVE FUN…….

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