Warid 4G LTE Packages For Wingle Users

Warid 4G LTE packages for Wingle and Mobiles is one it’s gleaming services that highlights the company in current race innovation. Warid cellular GSM network is fourth largest mobile services provider with 12.9 million subscribers approximately in Pakistan. 4G net service is surely best one choice by the conscious users. So Warid does never keep itself behind the other companies. Although we can say Warid is a leading name that offers 4G firstly in Pakistan and now a tough competitor of Zong 4G.

Warid offers 4G LTE broadband packages of Wingle portable device with wifi connectivity. The importance of this warid 4G LTE offer is, it provides up to 150 Mbps super fast speed unbreakable connectivity. Now let me to state out what package Warid has offered for 4G LTE.

Warid 4G LTE Packages

Following are three 4G LTE internet plans offered by the Warid

  1. Wingle Smart plan provides 15GB volume & 30GB double GB offer against Rs. 1500/monthly.
  2. Wingle Extra plan provides 20GB volume & 40GB double GB offer against Rs. 2000/monthly.
  3. Wingle Ultra plan provides 35GB volume & 70GB double GB offer against Rs. 3000/monthly.

Special Promotional Offer

According to this offer details, you can get Warid 4G LTE Wingle free with 60GBs by paying Rs. 5,999 for 3 months. After 3 months you can choose any package from packages mentioned above for normal rates. You can also enjoy wifi facility in both of offers.

Why Warid 4G LTE on Warm Demand?

After reviewing the above feasible and user’s friendly offers, the question arises why warid 4G LTE offer is warmly accepted by the users. Let to answer, Warid Wingle is just like PTCL 3G EVO portable devices that you can use it for several devices such as Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop as well. You can enjoy high speed 4G LTE internet unbreakable connectivity is almost covering all areas of Pakistan, as knowing Warid call net service is operating that area.

Due to best one built in wifi feature, Warid 4G LTE Wingle device is warmly subscribed by the users, and it has 10 operating devices wifi connectivity at a same time.

Warid MiFi

Now scroll forward to nest beautiful Warid 4G LTE MiFi offer, a portable and rechargeable device that can transmit WiFi signals from the 4G LTE MiFi on the go. When new customer buys his/her new Warid 4G LTE Wingle and Mifi device, he/she is awarded by double volume for first 3 months from day of activation of service.

Consequently we can say Warid 4G LTE packages for Wingle and mobile’s offers are distinctive featured service which attracts the users affectionately. Warid can take it with pride; the first one choice by the internet users for trustworthy connectivity is Warid 4G LTE Wingle.

Mr. Asim Ali, Director of Pricing, Segments & VAS at Warid Telecom has expressed his thoughts while launching the offer as, “We have always aimed at expanding our services to exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Due to the increasing demand for high-speed internet on the go, we hope that the new Wingle device will fulfill our customers’ requirement and increase their convenience.”

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