Ufone Call Packages 24 Hours “Bolo Pakistan Offer”

Every single teenager and youngster would definitely have the Ufone SIM in his or her mobile because this mobile network has all the time appeared to be much refreshing and exceptionally identified because of its services and fascinating packages. Even their advertisements are also much known and appreciated by the public. This mobile network covers the total amount of 24 million customers and with every single passing year their quantity is getting increased. This mobile network is reaching top of the sky limits every single year. This time this network has all set to rock the mobile market with “Bolo Pakistan Offer for 24 Hours Free calling”. Ufone has revealed out the statement that this package will offer the lowest calling rates as it has been never offered by any other network.

All the Ufone patrons can make out free calls to all the Ufone numbers, PTCL and Vfone number at just Rs.2 plus tax per day. According to the Marketing Officer of Ufone this package has been merely introduced by keeping in view the requirements and convenient level of the customers. Presently there are millions of patrons that are using the Ufone and this all has been made possible just through the lowest and much affordable calling rates that are all the time equipped in every single package introduced by the Ufone. No other additional charges or rates will be cut down as the person simply needs to pay down Rs. 8 and then he or she will be all set to make the free calls the whole day. This Ufone offer has been just valid till. Now let us give a look over its availing steps and terms and conditional requirements.

Ufone Call Packages 24 Hours “Bolo Pakistan Offer”

Ufone Call Packages 24 Hours "Bolo Pakistan Offer"


  • All the Ufone customers are required to switch their Ufone package to UWon and dial *888#.
  • The Ufone customer can dial 444 to turn them into the UWon Package.
  • The package changing charges will be applied in addition with the exclusion of Rs.8 plus tax for availing the package of Bolo Pakistan Offer.


  • This offer is merely taking the breathe till 10th December, 2019.
  • Bolo Pakistan Offer just exists for the UWon customers.
  • The offer will rest at 23:59 and after 24 hours once again new package has to be activated.
  • All the calls that are made from the voice buckets and short codes are not accompanied in the package.
  • Each call will deduct 1 paisa for every single call settings.
  • All the calls made at the Vfone and PTCL will be cutting down the rates just through their own designed plans.

Well this was all terms and activating terms for the Bolo Pakistan Offer by Ufone. We hope that all those people who are still have not heard about this package they will immediately get connected with it after reading this article. So just go ahead and talk to your friends and family mates now.

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