Ufone Winners of ShahCar Offer 2019

Ufone Winners of ShahCar Offer 2013

Ufone Winners of ShahCar Offer 2019 is all here now. For the information of the readers, Ufone has now made an announcement of 20 lucky winners with regard to this ShahCar offer 2019. From the sources, we came to know that media would be given a chance to meet each of these 20 winners. Last year, there were total in 10 winners and this time Ufone has doubled the number of winners.

If you do not know about this ShahCar offer 2019 then for your convenience you only have to consume a balance of Rs. 300 from 7th February 2019 till 31st March 2019. On consumption of this balance, you will then be allowed and permitted to be the part of this ShahCar offer and make an entrance into a lucky draw. As we all know that Ufone keeps on brining such types of exciting and amazing offers and they will be regularly launching such type of offers for their customers.

Lets check out yuor name in given below list for Ufone Winners of ShahCar Offer 2013 if you participate.

  1. Abdul Sattar from Karachi,
  2. Muhammad Khalid Jameel from Faisalabad,
  3. Muhammad Tariq from Okara,
  4. Mohammad Ishaq Naeem from Jhang,
  5. Muhammad Tariq from Bhakar,
  6. Muhammad Siddique from Taxila,
  7. Muhammad Imran from Sahiwal,
  8. Kashif Iqbal from Hyderabad,
  9. Shahzad Anjum from Lahore,
  10. Muhammad Asghar from Kasur,
  11. Abdul Jabar from Lahore,
  12. Shahid Akhtar from Bhai Phero,
  13. Muhammad Buta from Sargodha,
  14. Noor ul Qamar from Swabi,
  15. Rashida kausor from Karachi,
  16. Muhammad Hassan Tariq from Lahore,
  17. Shafique al Rehman from Bhawalnagr,
  18. Shahid Maqbool from Lahore,
  19. Muhammad Nasir from Gujrawanla
  20. Abdul Satar from Sheikhpura

Here on this webpage, have a look at the winners of Ufone ShahCar offer 2019. If you have participated in this offer then check out the results, you never know you may come out one of the winners.

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