Ufone Strikes Djuice in TV and Radio Ads

Ufone Strikes Djuice in TV and Radio AdsUfone strikes Djuice in TV and Radio Ads. Yes, this is quite and rather true! From the sources, we came to know that Ufone is now mocking at the television and radio advertisements of Djuice. According to the offer by Ufone, they offer and provide unlimited calling to friends and family mates at 0.75 / hour call rate with a subscription charges of Rs. 3 plus tax! On the other hand, Djuice is offering unlimited calling only to 15 friends and family mates with a daily usage of Rs. 8 plus tax, except from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Ufone is now making a pinching and taunting note to Djuice that their shops will remain closed from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Ufone has also hit on this aspect that Djuice customers will only make a call to their 15 friends, while Ufone has not put up such type of restriction on their customers. We can say that it is a daring act by Ufone. Let us all see that what Djuice have to say in return! This war is on now and we all are waiting that who will be the winner in this cold war.

Ufone Strikes Djuice in TV  Ads

Ufone Strikes Djuice in Radio Ads

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