Ufone Launches ShahCar Offer 2019

Ufone Launches ShahCar Offer 2019! Yes, this time again Ufone has managed to come up with this exciting and appealing offer again named by ShahCar Offer 2019. So, for all the Ufone customers, they now have this golden opportunity to win one of twenty brand new Toyota Corolla cars. This is quite and rather exciting. The Ufone customers will be taking part in this competition through lucky draw.

For the information of the readers, to be the part of this ShahCar Offer 2019, all Ufone customers have to consume balance up to Rs 300. More the balance will be consumed; more will be the chances of winning. In other words, we can say that consumption of balance Rs 300, it will comprise of one single entry. Next time, you are going to consume another balance of Rs 300, this will be your second entry in this draw. It is the time to increase the probability of your winning and win one of twenty brand new Toyota Corolla cars. Make sure that this ShahCar Offer 2019 by Ufone is valid till Feb7th to 31st March. Prepaid and postpaid Ufone customers, all are eligible to be the part of this competition. It does not matter if you are not using Ufone now. You can still be the part of this offer by switching your sim again. Get back to your old Ufone sim, recharge it and enter into this lucky draw of ShahCar Offer 2019.

Validity date: Feb7th to 31st March 2019

Eligibility Criterion: Current and old Ufone Customers- Prepaid and Postpaid

In the previous ShahCar Offer 2018, it was indeed a huge success. This is the only reason that Ufone has again launched this mouth watering offer in order to bring more excitement and amaze for its customers. It is only Ufone that has always come with such kind of offers. Giving away twenty brand new Toyota Corolla cars is not a small offer. Ufone has always considered their customers as their very first priority and they have always make an initiation of such kind of appealing offer lines.

Akbar Khan who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone said:

“Like last year this offer is a ray of hope for our customers to win brand new Toyota Corolla cars and we look forward to share many more exciting offers with our valued customers”.

So, are you excited to be the part of this ShahCar Offer 2013? If you do not have a car then here is this golden chance for you! Just try your luck and you never know that you may become one of the winners of twenty brand new Toyota Corolla cars. Take out your Ufone sim, charge Rs. 300 balance in it and make yourself ready to make a plunge into this lucky draw. Wait for the lucky draw results, cross your fingers and start praying that you may come out to be one of the winners of twenty brand new Toyota Corolla cars.

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