Ufone Announced Rs.150 Card with Definite Surprise Gifts

Wasim Akram autograph scratch card

All the Ufone customers out there just get ready because Ufone has announced Rs 150 card with definite surprise gifts. Now you might be thinking that what all such gifts are! Every single time whenever Ufone has arrived in the middle of their patrons they have all the time made them feel excited and much enthusiastic to use these kinds of thrilling offers. This has been for the very first time that any such cellular network has announced the accessibility of Rs 150 card for the people. Now the special gift in this offer is the autograph of Wasim Akram. Yes you are absolutely right! If the customers will purchase the card of Rs 150 they will get the valuable chance of get hold over the autograph of Wasim Akram. These Rs 150 cards have been highlighted in 5 different exciting designs for grabbing the attention of the people.

In addition, along with the autograph the customers of Ufone can even gain the chance of going on a long Malaysia trip with the King of Swing, Wasim Akram. This tour of Malaysia will be deciding the winner through the process of lucky draw. If the Ufone customer’s wants to get register within this lucky draw they are required to avail this Rs 150 card almost 5 times. The very last and final date for registering in the lucky draw is 31st March, 2019. Ufone will be announcing the winners after ten days of closing of lucky draw. But rest of the people who are will be deprived from the tour of Malaysia, they can even take fun from the following additional fascinating gifts as well:

  • 100 SMS, 300 MMS
  • 3MB Internet
  • 100 Minutes Free from Ufone to Ufone

So all the Ufone customers just get ready with the load of Rs 150 cards almost five times because you can never get such a valuable chance of getting closer with your favorite legendary start cricketer, Wasim Akram.

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