How To Start Tunnel Farming in Pakistan

Tunnel farming is a technique used to grow off season crops including vegetables and flowers under artificially created atmosphere with the help of plastic sheets. In this post, we are bringing innumerable ideas about how to start tunnel farming in Pakistan. Initially, this cultivation approach was started in South Africa in early seventies and gradually it spread all over the world due to its economic and nutritious benefits. We have also displayed remarkable images with brief elaboration in the gallery to broaden your imagination. Let us check out various steps involved in tunnel farming methodology.

How To Start Tunnel Farming in Pakistan

How To Start Tunnel Farming in Pakistan

Formation of High Tunnels

Tunnel farming is an extensive source of high yield and early production at the fast pace. First of all, you have to design tunnel shape in hut like structure. For this, you have to construct 30 feet high and 190 feet wide tunnel made up of steel. Place the steel pipes in horizontal direction with diameter of 40mm swathed in polythene plastic. This type of tunnel is suitable for the high yield of cucumbers, tomato and sweet peppers. Due to its height and width, it is easy for soil preparation, spraying and picking. Besides steel, you can use aluminum or bamboo pipes for construction of an effective tunnel. These tunnels also provide frost protection in winter season to obtain highly delicious vegetables.

Preparation of Soil

Next step is the preparation of soil and checking the water permeability. Before planting of seeds, you must check the quality of soil and water level. You can enrich the soil with the help of fertilizer and make it homogenous with the help of tractor. The growing media is covered with black polythene plastic sheath with holes at equal distances. These holes are the place to sow seeds properly. You can divide the growing area in equal lanes to eliminate the growth of weeds. Irrigate the soil on regular basis to maintain the fertility of soil.

Planting of Seeds

In Pakistan, summer crops are planted in December to February. Thus temperature is increased in these tunnels by maximum absorption of sun light with the help of polythene sheets. Partenocarpic high quality seeds are implanted in the whole areas of black sheath. The plastic covering of tunnel protects the plants from rodents and insecticides. However, pesticide spray is done after specific interval to avoid any damage to crop yield. In tunnel farming, water loss is reduced because of controlled temperature. All plants are tied up into ropes after their germination.

Plucking of Crop

For getting assembly of food crop grown in the green housing tunnels, you have to remove these plastic sheaths first. Pick up all fresh vegetables and fruits with the help of manpower simultaneously. Now you can enjoy the yummy strawberries and other vegetables cultivated in these tunnel framings. Carefully remove the black sheet in growing media and equalize the soil with harvester after you gather all crops. It is an easy and economic way to get off season nutritious edible crops widely practiced among educated farmers in Pakistan.

To sum up above discussion, we can say that tunnel farming is an advance mode to raise the crop yield which gives maximum production all over the year. We hope that above mentioned exclusive ideas pertaining to How To Start Tunnel Farming in Pakistan will be productive for you. If you want to make our efforts more favorable, we invite your relevant suggestions in the comment box.


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