Top 10 Most Romantic Things to say to your Girlfriend

In every man’s life there comes a moment when he meets his princess. That moment is not restricted by age by any means. He could be of any age, belong to a poor/rich family, could be of any color, but what matters is how he treats her, how he makes her feel about herself and especially how well he looks after herself. This is a very special article for me because even I have that someone in my life for whome I want to do absolutely everything to make her feel happy and special. In this article I’m going to be sharing some romantic, funny and lovable things to say to your girlfriend to make your girlfriend the most happiest girl in the world. Let’s find out how to make your girlfriend feel like a princess J

10.  Give her a dozen roses and say, 11 are real and 1 is fake and I will love you until the last rose dies….

This is the most cutest, witty and the most romantic thing to say to your girlfriend when giving her a dozen roses included by 1 fake rose.

9. Every night I look up in the sky, see the stars and match every single star with one reason why I love you so much, its always going perfect until I ran out stars…

Use this with your girl friend or with the girl you’re in love with, but cannot be with her. The moment you’ll use this sentence with her she’ll be ending up in your arms for real!

8.  Last night I sent an angel to look over you. A minute passed by and the angel came back and I asked the angel why did you come back? The angel then told me angels don’t look over other angels…

This by far is one of my favourite lines when I want to cheer up my girlfriend or when I feel like pampering her.

7. If you’re holding 11 roses and looking into a mirror, you won’tbe looking at 11 roses, but 12 most beautiful and breathtaking things in the world…

Nothing is required to say about this line, because the expression itself compliments itself.

6. Forgetting you is like remembering a person I never met…

This one right is here is deep, it expresses intense love and it passes on the message that I cannot stop loving you…

5. Were you hurt, when your wings were removed by God when you were sent down to earth?

This clearly expresses the expression that he belives you’re an angel and that you’re the most closest and most precious person to him.

4. You’re worth it

There are only 3 simple words, but the meaning hidden behind it means the world to any girl in this world.

3. I don’t care where you go, I don’t care if you don’t need me anymore, but all I know is you will always find me here at the same spot where you left me….

This line shows pain, love, desperation and the love that he has for his girl.

2. I may not be a perfect person, but I know nobody can love you like I do, nobody can take care of you like I can and nobody can bring back that beautiful smile on your face like I can….

If you’re going through a rough phase in your life with your girlfriend then this is the most appropriate thing to say to her right at this moment to make sure that you save your relationship.

1.     Before I came across you I never knew how it is to smile all day long without any reason….

If you want to go out with a girl, if you want to make your girlfriend feel special on valentine’s day or if you want to make her remember how it was like when you both were happy and perfect for eachother then this is the line to use to make things work for yourself.

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