The Best Laptops for College Students 2019

In the recent times the world’s demand for computers has grown a considerable amount. The demand is constantly changing and growing. As a college student you would be requiring a laptop to effectively and efficiently carry out your everyday work more conveniently such as, doing assignments and projects in an easy and faster manner. With the current educational competition and level of system, students with no laptops often come across many difficulties and countless workload. In order to make sure that you don’t face any difficulties in your education phase, then you need to get yourself an appropriate kind of laptop for yourself which not only looks stylish, but also the one that fulfils all your needs related to studies. Students can get hold of the best laptops in every market today. The laptops that I’m going to be sharing here are basically priced at a very economical price and are usually money savers due to their subsidized prices so that every student can afford it. Many manufacturers make sure that they customize it in such a way that the laptop meets the basic needs of a student. This article is going to be very useful for the college students, so to find out the best laptops in market for education then this is the right page for them. Find out the best laptops for college students 2019….

ASUS Zen book UX31E – DH72

This is definitely one of the best laptops for college students 2019. It has an amazing and an attractive design with an amazing audio due to stereo speakers powered by Olufsen ICE power and Bang. Further, it is to carry for a student in college due to its very light weight. It comprises of a thin and a sleek design for college students. The laptop consists of 256 GB with a solid state drive with an amazing fast processor of Intel core i7-2677M which has Turbo Boost. The built-in memory consists of 4 GB. This specific laptop is very efficient and effective especially for the students of college. The laptop has 13.3inches display with an Intel UMA graphics.

ASUS Zenbook UX31E – DH72

Apple Macbook (Air MC968LL/A)

Apple is one of the most popular brands the world has ever known. The Apple Macbook is by far one of the most admirable laptops with recent technology. The Apple Macbook is suitable for the college students because the students need a laptop which provides an efficient and a reliable system to work with. This is due to its built-in memory of 2 GB which is definitely an amazing feature of this laptop to store academic information by students. It has a 64 GB hard disk with a good enough Intel core i5 1.6GHz dual core processor. This Macbook has an amazing and an admirable design which definitely attracts many users. Apple Macbook has the option of wireless networking which benefits a lot of students immensely. These are the reasons why Apple Macbook is considered to be one of the best laptops for college students.

Apple Macbook (Air MC968LL A)

Toshiba protégé R835-P94

This laptop weighs 3lbs and 0.51 inches is very easy to carry in college which makes this laptop one of the best laptops for college students in the recent times. Toshiba protégé has a dual-core Intel core i5 processor and an outstanding 9 hour battery life. It has an equally good audio sound with a headphone jack (stereo), microphone and standard stereo speakers. This laptop has 4GB RAM which assists many students to store files and other documents in a much faster way. The laptop’s screen size is 13.3 inches with an active matrix TFT color LCD screen. Not only that, but the laptop consists of an amazing hard disk capacity of 640 GB.

Toshiba protégé R835-P94

However, as being a college student, one needs to select a laptop which meets his/her basic needs and allows efficient multitasking. Above all, you need to select the kind of a laptop which also offers gaming features so that the college student keep things balanced between studies and entertainment.

In short, the mentioned above laptops are the best laptops for college students currently. So, if a student is looking for an appropriate laptop for college purpose then the mentioned above laptops will definitely satisfy your needs.

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