Teaching Techniques and Methodology in Pakistan

As we all know that we have traditional style of teaching technique and methodology in Pakistan. There is a dire and extreme need that we should change this teaching criterion. We have seen that teachers only complete the syllabus as said by their heads and do nothing productive for the enhancement and improvement of kids. They only restrict their selves to syllabus, copies and books and do not put any kind of substantial amount of effort and attempt for the creativity improvement of kids.

One major thing that we have noticed in the teaching methodology of Pakistan is that they prefer and in favor of Ratta system. At times, if any student writes on his own apart from the wordings of book then he will not be getting any mark. On the other hand, if a student will be writing exactly the wordings of a book then he will be getting full marks. We need to abolish and cancel this ratta practice as soon as possible.

Teaching Techniques and Methodology in Pakistan

Moving on, it has also been viewed that teachers of Pakistan overload students a lot. They overload them with lots of books and handouts and ask them to memorize them. In this way and manner, students fail to do extracurricular activities. A good teacher should push the student to get along with his extracurricular activities along with his studies.

If we talk more about the teaching methodologies of Pakistan then we can say that they do not possess motivational factor in them. They do not convince the students to be career oriented. A good teacher has to be like a parent of any student. He should grow up the student in such a way like a parent grows up his child.

We have that kind of teaching techniques and methodology in Pakistan that incorporate the use of debt, bad teachers, inefficient and ineffective learning environment, boring teaching methodology, limited learning, propaganda, worthless and useless projects, corrupted environment, degrading, closed minded teachers and professors, this is what we call scam. On the other hand, we need to have self education system and self education teaching methodology in Pakistan. We immediately and instantly need to have standardized teaching techniques and methodology in Pakistan so that its teaching and education sector might get enhanced and might get more developed in less span of time.

Hence, we can say that there is an urgency to have interesting teaching methodologies in Pakistan. We need to come up that kind of education system that not only creates interest among the students but also enhances and improves their creativity caliber and stamina. Government of Pakistan should also hire such efficient and effective teachers that are not only concerned with their pay but are also concerned with future and career growth of their students. Let us all hope that one day teaching techniques and methodologies in Pakistan will sooner or later be changed and we will be having remarkable and professional learning environment around us.


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