Talkshawk Call Packages Daily, Monthly, 3 days, weekly

Hello readers if you are in search of Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages daily, monthly, 3days or weekly then you reached at exactpage. Right into this post we would be compiling up with the complete details behind the packages of the Telenor in details don’t worry and read complete post carefully for chosing right package. Hence each and every single detail related with the Activation all along with the Deactivation, Charges and Timing along with Package name is mentioned about every Telenor Call Packages. Are you ready to get activated with the best Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages Daily, Monthly, 3 days, weekly?

What To Know About Telenor?

Telenor is known out to be among one of the best cellular networks that is functioning in Pakistan. This cellular network is linked with the telecommunication world of Pakistan for the last so many years and hence do offer with the awesome and interesting packages for the prepaid and postpaid customers. This network has taken into account the millions of customers from each single corner of the Pakistan who are taking the best enjoyment out of their SMS, local calling, international calling and internet packages. Telenor is fast with its signal service and hence cheap with its rates that do grab the attention of so many other cellular network holders too.

Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages Daily, Monthly, 3 days, Weekly:

  1. Din Bhar Offer:

With this amazing offer of the Telenor you would be able to make the Telenor to Telenor call unlimited time. This offer has the validity time of about 1 day as in between the time duration of 6am to 6pm. Charges of this offer is Rs. 9.60 plus tax. You can subscribe this offer all by dialing the code *345*006#. Be sure that when you are using this offer you would just be allowed to make the call to just Telenor numbers!

  1. Telenor Talkshawk 3 Day Call Package:

Telenor is coming up with the best offer of the 3/3 offer to consumers. This offer has the validity time period of about 3 days. With this offer you would be able to get the 300 minutes for all network all along with the 30MB internet. Plus 300 SMS are also provided along with this offer. You can get this offer activated by dialing *345*243#. You just have the permission to make the calls on the Telenor to Telenor numbers and not on any other cellular network number.

  1. Telenor Talkshawk 7 Days Call Package:

Telenor has all came up with the amazing Haftawaar Chappar Phaar Offer through which you would be able to make the long unlimited calls to all the Telenor numbers. In this offer you will be getting almost 700 Telenor Minutes. The best part of this offer is that you can enjoy the weekend as free. You can activate the offer by dialing *5*700# as it would be valid for the time duration of about 7 days. Charges of this offer is Rs. 60 Plus Tax. After 7 days of limitation the offer would come to an end and hence you would be activating it once again!

Talkshawk Call Packages

  1. Telenor Talkshawk Monthly Call Package:

Telenor is offering its customers with the best monthly package offer by the name of Mahana Rakhwala Offer. All through this offer you would be able to get hold over the 3000 on-net minutes, 3000 SMS and 300 MB internet. 100 Free minutes would be rewarded to you as on top of the daily basis. This offer is just valid for the duration of the 30 Days. There is no time limit for this offer. You will be getting this offer at the cost of Rs. 350 +Tax by dialing the code as *345*30#. So stop wasting time and activate this offer right now!

Important Terms and Conditions of Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages Daily, Monthly, 3 days, Weekly:

  • In all the calling packages of the Telenor on the daily, monthly and weekly basis you can just get the minutes to make the call on the Telenor numbers. Call made on other network numbers would be charged with the ordinary charges.
  • The SMS gifted in the packages can be used on all the network numbers.
  • These all offers are accessible for the limited time period.

So this was the complete overview discussion about the Telenor Talkshawk Call Packages Daily, Monthly, 3 days, Weekly! We are sure that through the help of this post you would not be finding any trouble in choosing with the best package offer for yourself. If you want to about more network packages then you are free enough to signed into this web page and get the best details out of it!

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