Suzuki Jimny 2019 Specifications and Price In Pakistan

Suzuki has been operating in Pakistan since a very long time now. They have been providing the people of Pakistan with some very economical cars over the period of many years. This time Suzuki has introduced their new jeep which specializes at such a place where a car or any other vehicle can’t capture it. Suzuki has captured a lot of market of Pakistan by the introduction of their 1000 cc Suzuki Potohar and also imported many other jeeps. In this specific category, not even Toyota or Honda has given any tough competition to Suzuki. In the past, Toyota introduced their land cruiser jeeps, which cannot be afforded by the normal middle class lot of Pakistan.


Suzuki Jimny Specifications and Price In PakistanNew Suzuki Jimny 4×4 is a very good product of the Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company which has a 1300cc powerful engine. Suzuki Jimny has been purchased by everyone, be it public sector organizations or the private sector organizations. Government of Pakistan has also purchased a number of Suzuki Jimny for field engineers who are required to travel through difficult areas with really poor roads to conduct surveys and field operations.

Suzuki Jimny 4×4 is full of new design with 16 valve four-cylinder fuel injected engine. It has a ladder type chassis and a dual ration transfer case highlights the fact of the high standard that it carries. It features a part time 4WD system and large windows giving excellent visibility. The air conditioning system of Suzuki Jimny has the capability to control the heat which is generated by large glasses. The most powerful and strong characteristics of Suzuki Jimny is the roof rails, power windows, power steering and electronically adjustable exterior mirrors. Suzuki Jimny is available in 4 speed automatic gearboxes or 5-speed manual.

The seat material of the Suzuki Jimny is made up of durable fabric in grey and black color. The DVD player of the Jimny JLX is so great that it enhances the pleasure of driving this jeep. It also features, fog lamps (front), front andrear seat belts and three cabin lights.

In short, this jeep, Suzuki Jimny is by far one of the best jeeps around to drive in Pakistan. It is very reliable and dependable on the rough roads of many areas in Pakistan.

Specifications of Suzuki Jimny in Pakistan:

  • It is a M13A with 4 Cylinders Engine
  • It consists of 5 Speed Manuel Transmission Or 4 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • T has an amazing feature of Disc On Front And Drum On Rear Brake System
  • Consists of Front & Rear (3-link rigid coil spring) Suspension
  • It has a Fuel Tank Capacity is 40 L
  • Color of the bumper is the same
  • Has a silky silver color combination interior
  • Fabric consists of 2-tone, Grey & Black seats

Has a DVD Player with X2 Speakers

Suzuki Jimny  Price In Pakistan

Identification            Price
Jimny JLSX M/T     Rs. 2,074,000/-
Jimny JLDX M/T     Rs. 2,223,000/-

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