Solution of Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

Solution of electricity in Pakistan is immense in number. If we are going to take substantial amount of efforts to overcome this disaster then we are very much sure that there would be no crisis with regard to this electricity sector. Each and every resident of Pakistan is having troublesome problems with this electricity and they are expecting from their government they will sooner or later find some suitable solutions to make a full stop to this problem.

Experts and technicians have put forward various and intense number of solutions, only thing that this government needs to do is to implement them. Our government of Pakistan needs to have some sound plan and sound strategy so that they may bring convenience and easiness for their citizens.

Replacement of Thermal Power Plants: The very first solution can be the replacement of energy thermal power fuels. As we all know that our thermal fuels are working on the basis of oil and gas and this oil and gas makes consumption of about 4.0 billion dollars which is quite and rather big. It is the need of the hour that government of Pakistan should move their thermal power fuels that will run on coal. This will cut down their cost and they can easily and conveniently run these thermal power plants for longer duration.

This utilization of coal will also bring stability in the prices of electricity bills. As we all know that the prices of oil and gas continuously fluctuate in the international market so it is better to make use of coal whose prices are always stable and never fluctuates. It has also been recommended and suggested by the experts that Pakistan should immediately and instantly make use of coal rather than making use of oil and gas. Coal is least expensive and it will also reduce down the shortage of electricity and make a decrease in our electricity bills.

Establishment of Excessive Power Plants:

Next we need to have more hydro power plants and energy projects. This is the only way and path that we can get rid from this severe crisis. We should make use of our nuclear power plant as soon as possible so that it may provide us electricity in an excess quantity. Total power supply should be increased by making use of renewable resources. In other words, we can say that we need to have an energy mix, only then we will be in a position to have appropriate and suitable amount of electricity in our country.

Creation of Personalized Power Plants:

From the studies, it has been viewed that around 40% of area of Pakistan is having national grid off! So, it means that this 40% of area is getting no electricity. There is a dire need that each and every area should have separate power plants. There is an urge need to have stand alone power projects so that each and every sector of Pakistan gets its required amount of electricity. Local communities can also set up their grids if they can finance it. At times, there are areas that are close to the wind corridors, so the residents living over there can set up their own wind plants for the generation of electricity. Government of Pakistan should give full liberty and freedom to those local communities and business men who can own their own set up their own plants. Government should give them immediate and instant confirmation for this establishment. In this way having own personalized power plants will lessen up the burden of government.

Equal Distribution of Energy Supply:

Lastly, we need to distribute the energy supply in an equal way. At times, we have seen that this national grid is supplying electricity more too some areas, on the other hand some of the areas are suffering from this electricity shortage because national grid is unable to supply electricity. This equal distribution can only be done if provincial government will stop relying on Federal government.

It is the need to make some implementation by following the above mentioned solutions of electricity crisis in Pakistan. This energy crisis is a major issue and government should instantly do something serious with regard to this dilemma. It is not only the duty of Federal government but the provincial government should also put some effort to overcome this crisis. We all hope that one day we will sooner or later will get over with this dilemma. Be it the international investment or other solutions, we need to think seriously now! Before the effects get worse, solutions needs to be implemented as soon as possible. We need to save our political repute, economic growth; industrial sector and social lives and all this can only be accomplished and possible if one will follow the above written solutions. It is high time to take some serious action. Read more Effects of Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

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