Shisha Smoking Girls in Pakistan

It has been noticed that shisha is getting common day by day among the youth of Pakistan. Not only boys but girls have too started adopting this culture. This situation is quite and rather alarming. We can also say that shisha has become a fashion trend in Pakistan. Especially, for young girls, they have to quit this habit of smoking shisha. This addiction should immediately and instantly be removed before it becomes a lifelong addiction. Medical science has also said that and researches have also proved that shisha smoking girls have drastic effect on the babies during pregnancy. Not only this but shisha also come up with throat and lungs cancer. This is extremely dangerous.

Shisha Smoking Girls in Pakistan

For the information, shisha consists of dangerous tobacco and other chemicals that will put your life in danger. In cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, shisha is very common. There is a need that government should take substantial efforts to make youngsters to get rid from this habit. It has been studied that if you are going to inhale shisha for continuous 1 hour then it is equivalent to 100 cigarettes. Quit shisha right now and live a healthy life.

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