Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship 2018

The scholarship is best to mean to support needy and talented students so that they can continue their education. Many students from all over Pakistan wish to get higher education from foreign universities having high rankings. The finance is the main hurdle for the students as the best universities in the world have heavy duty fee structure, but these universities care for student’s future and offer the scholarship. The students who have high grades, proficient in English and motivation to seek higher education for which they desire for can apply to these universities. They can get a scholarship offer and continue their studies.

The government of Punjab cares for students’ career, so they have introduced the Shabaz Shareef scholarship program for candidates who want to do Ph.D. but lack financial assistance. It is the revolutionary step from Govt of Punjab through which students will be able to get higher education from well known universities all over the world. Students from Punjab as well as from other provinces can apply for this scholarship. Read carefully criteria of

Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship 2018

Eligibility criteria

Candidates who are willing to apply for the scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria

  • They must have valid D. offer from top 50 universities in the world
  • They must have 60 or more than 60% marks in their academic year
  • The maximum age of the candidate at the time of application must be 35 years
  • It must be their first foreign scholarship application
  • All Pakistani nationals both male and female are eleigible for this scholarship program.
  • The declared family income must be equal or less than Rs 200,000 per month.
  • Note that existing faculty member in public and educational institutes are not eligible for this program.

Coverage of scholarship program

The selected candidates will get following benefits from the scholarship program

  • Tuition fee
  • Airfare
  • Boarding and lodging
  • Health insurance

Allocation of scholarships according to Discipline

80% scholarships are for the science students while rest of 205 is for the art students like humanities, social science, and arts.

Scholarship distribution according to area

90% candidates will be nominated from Punjab while 10% from other provinces of Pakistan

When to apply?

You can download the PEEF application form right now and submit to the PEEF office until March 29, 2018. Read each and every aspect of the form clearly to avoid any mistake.

  • It is important to take a photocopy of form and fill it before filling the original form to avoid any issue after submission.
  • Answer all the required field, if the field is not applicable write “N/A”
  • Do not provide any false information
  • Check the form to avoid any issue
  • Use extra sheet if required
  • Attach all the required documents.

If you are willing to get higher education in well-known institute in the world, apply immediately and get the chance to become PhD doctor from your dream university. Get full financial assistance and support from Shahbaz Sharif scholarship program in 2018 and make your dreams to come true.

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