Scope of Higher Education in Pakistan

Education is just one thing which takes a person from bottom to top. Without a proper education a person has very low chances to live a prosperous life in the recent times. With so much competition going on in every part of the world, the level of education has taken a different turn. People go abroad, leave their family behind to earn a good enough degree to secure their future.
If we talk about developing countries or Pakistan for instance, then the scope for higher education here in our country is relatively high than other developing countries. The institutions we have are among the best in the world. And since the introduction of Higher Education Commission (HEC) the number of PhD’s have increased a considerable amount in the last 6-8years.
Scope of Higher Education in PakistanThere is no lack of good teachers or good institutions in Pakistan; if we really want to strengthen our educational sector then we need to correct our political system. This is the only area where we lack and fall behind. There shouldn’t be any influence of our government in the educational institutions, once the involvement of the politicians are taken care of the level of education and the level of graduates will improve a considerable amount.
If we take an example of United States of America or even United Kingdom, then why do they have a stable higher education system in their country? The reason is very simple; they follow a set of rules and regulations. If we cannot follow a certain pattern then how can we expect to lead the world? How can we expect to demand our needs? How can we be considered literate if we just cannot abide by the law? It is very sad and heartbreaking looking at the government level officers interfering in the matters of education system.
In Pakistan we have number of options to carry on our studies such as, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore School of Economics and so many more. The options aren’t limited, but compromised.
Yes, the scope of higher education in Pakistan is very high, but only if the people running the system follows a set of rules, doesn’t discriminate or favor a certain group of people, if they treat all the students as one and above all if they try to put ethics and honesty first in place during examinations and admissions then the level of higher education in Pakistan will definitely improve and grow.
Finally, to conclude I would only like to say that people abroad may have the impression that in Pakistan, people are illiterate or doesn’t have good enough education under their belt. But, now it is our responsibility to make sure that we do something great for the world to mark our name and to make our nation proud, Pakistan.

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