Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S4 Release DateA teaser video has been released by Samsung showing some of the plans of the coming year regarding the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), offering ‘something new’ for the users of their products.

Unfortunately, the short clip (available on YouTube) doesn’t share much in detail, but it looks like that Samsung is definitely planning to avail the event to release their next generation Android phone, Samsung Galaxy S4.

Even though, S3 was released just about 6 months ago, it has faced some serious competition in the market from the devices such as Google Nexus 4. In comparison, Nexus 4 is relatively cheaper than S3 whereas they both share more or less similar specifications. On the other hand, Google has made efforts to introduce new software Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and few other bug fixes and improvements which has increased the demand for Google Nexus 4.

Due to such steps, it looks like that Samsung has noticed that the sales of their phone Galaxy S3 has grind to a halt, which they will like to take into consideration soon enough. It has very high chances that an announcement will be made next week at CES, but considering the mobile market of the US, it is assumed that Samsung may want to wait until MWC till late February at least.

Samsung Galaxy S4  Price

It is expected, that the S4’s assumed price tag will most likely be thin on the ground, even though we can expect that the price of S4 will be the same as S3 when it was launched 6 months ago in May, at the price of £499. There are chances that due to intense competition with Google Nexus 4, Samsung may want to lower down their prices in order to sustain their competitive edge.

If you’re looking to buy on a contract, then you’re looking at £30-40 a month at least. Yes, it will be an expensive phone, but it will still cost you a little less than iPhone 5.

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