Role of Student in Development of Pakistan

Students of Pakistan or rather ‘youth’ of Pakistan has always played their crucial role in the development of Pakistan. The students/young blood of Pakistan has always delivered at the national and at the international level since the birth of this nation. They have brought glory, pride and appreciation to the nation without any doubt. The history of Pakistan clearly highlights the fact that students of Pakistan have contributed a great amount of deal in the development of Pakistan.

If we look back at the history of Pakistan to its early days, we can easily see the contribution done by the students/youth of Pakistan. The day when the founder of our nation, Quaid-e-Azam presented his vision of having a separate and an individual state for the Muslims, the youth/young blood/students joined hands with Quaid-e-Azam and worked with complete sincerity to have an independent nation. The sacrifices they have made are countless; some have even given away their lives for the benefit of the Muslim people, so that their Muslim brothers and sisters could live their lives in peace and harmony.

Role of Student in Development of PakistanIf we look around at the current scenario, then we are living in the shadow of target killings and suicide bombings every now and then. Pakistan is without any doubt in a state of confusion and every single person is helpless looking at the state of affairs. Despite of such disappointing and heartbreaking incidents taking place every single day in Pakistan, the young blood is making amazing efforts to create a slight hope to bring a solution to the endless problems, which have definitely created a false image of Pakistan worldwide. Many have joined NGO’s, some of them are chemists, doctors, fine art students, economists, military people and a number of other occupation, for the sole aim to bring glory back to the nation and change the perception of Pakistan worldwide.

Now, I would share some true facts of the events where the students/youth created an impact to improve things. When the floods devastated half of Pakistan, the young workers and the students raised their charity and donated a number of relief items to the people who have lost their lives and see no future. It was the students and the youth of Pakistan that marched along the lawyers for the restoration of the Chief Justice of Pakistan during the lawyer’s movement. Ali Moeen Nawazish scored 21 straight A’s in his A-level examinations in England and it was our under19 cricket team that won the world cup in Malaysia against the Indian side.

We all know that most of the population of Pakistan consists of the young blood/youth, it is very important for them to keep contributing for the development and betterment of the country like they have been doing before in the past. Students/youth are the most special and the biggest assets of any country and they need to be completely utilized, without exposing them to harm and danger. There is absolutely no doubt that they have fought for the development on Pakistan and there is absolutely no doubt that they will keep doing what they do best for the development of their nation, Pakistan.

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