PTI Candidates List for Lahore seats

PTI candidates list for Lahore seats is all been announced now. All the candidates have been finalized on the basis of their participation in party activities from last 3 to 4 years. An official bearer said:

‘’The candidates have been recommended on the basis of their affiliation with the party and their participation in party activities during the last three to four years’’.

This candidate list have been handed over to Ejaz Chaudhry who is the PTI Punjab President and he will then be submitting this list to CPB. From the sources, we came to know that Ejaz Chaudhry has been nominated for a national and provincial assembly. Total 84 candidates applied for the Lahore seats and only 13 National Assembly seats were there. On a Provincial level, 238 candidates applied and 25 were selected. As we all know that elections 2013 will sooner be proceeded, that is why National and Provincial assemble seats have been announced now. If you want to know the candidates list of other parties then you can get all the required info on this webpage. Have a look at the below mentioned candidates names that have been finalized for PTI from the Lahore side.

PTI candidates List for Lahore seats

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