PTCL Vfone Balance Share

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited that is famously known as the PTCL has always highlighted special and useful services for their users. Each time their packages are just meant for the convenience and cater the needs and wants of the customers. Freshly, PTCL have introduced the balance share package for its Vfone patrons. This service is just required within the Vfone customers and the balance can just be shared all through a code. The maximum and starting amount of the balance sharing begins from Rs. 20 to Rs. 2000 within Pakistan. Such person who will request for the balance share will instantly get the balance transfer message and in return the other person with whom the balance has been shared will also receive the message. In case the amount has been less than Rs. 20 or more than Rs. 2000 then the mobile will specify the person with an unsuccessful failure message as well.

Now when we look upon the method of the balance transfer then it has been quite simple and effortless. The person will firstly write the code 828*amount*number of the person#. This balance share will cost the initial charges of Rs. 3 with tax. The shared balance can be used within the 7 days otherwise the after seven days the balance will get all expired. During the inauguration of the service the Managing Director of the PTCL has stated that this service has been just intended because the PTCL customers has huge hopes and expectations from this brand and they have never let down the hopes of their users. They have all the time make an effort to gained the words of appreciation and focuses the attention of maximum people who are still not using the PTCL services and this package has been hugely well-liked by numerous and countless people.

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