Pakistani Students Are Reluctant To Speak English

Pakistan is one of the countries where their citizens or rather the students are very reluctant to speak in English language. There are several reasons why this is happening. But, we need to focus on the fact that the core reason of this problem is that the atmosphere provided to the students is not right. Teachers need to create an environment where all the students are ‘required’ to speak in English.

Pakistani Students Are Reluctant To Speak English

Pakistani Students Are Reluctant To Speak English

The sad part of this issue is that none of us are bothered why this problem is increasing day by day. Today, we live in an era where globalization has taken place. We need to communicate and compete with international competitors. And in order to compete in an effective way, we need to learn and understand their language. And if we don’t speak in good English language then we will not be able to understand them. So, if a student is reluctant to speak in English at this level then it will be very hard for him to keep options for himself in the future. Even he/she gets a PhD degree but cannot speak in good fluent English then his value will be more or less zero. There are several reasons why students are very reluctant to speak in English, such as:

–         The atmosphere we normally get in Pakistan doesn’t promote English language that much. We need to speak in English even when we’re home so that we can find it easy and create fluency when we talk.

–         All the principals of every school needs to make a rule that every students needs to speak in English or they will be fined a specific amount of money.

–         Parents also need to make sure they talk to their children in English or if their English language isn’t strong, then they could at least try to. Other thing they could do is ask their children to watch cartoons or PG13 movies in English language so that they learn the language at an early age.

–         Schools that exist in Pakistan vary a lot from each other. Normally most of the schools here are Urdu medium schools, which don’t help the cause at all. A teacher in such schools doesn’t even use a single word of English while teaching, then how could one expect the student to be fluent in English language?

–         A student doesn’t have the exposure of such an environment where he needs to speak in English, which leads him to lack of confidence when he faces situations where he needs to communicate in English.

There are countless reasons why students are reluctant to speak in English. What we need to make sure is that we need to cure the cause at its root. Parents need to communicate in English language if they wish that their children feel confident to speak in English language and walk should by shoulder anywhere he goes.

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