Jazz SMS Khazana 9

Jazz is one of the leading network service providers in Pakistan and has always been introducing some very exciting and attractive offers every now and then. Recently, they have announced their latest version of SMS khazana offer, which is named as Jazz SMS khazana 9. It is a SMS based quiz through which the users can win big prize money. Previously, they introduced SMS khazana 1-8, and this time they’re introducing the new series of the previous offers which strongly promises to offer big prize money for the Jazz users in Pakistan.

Jazz has claimed that this specific offer is the biggest SMS khazana offer in Pakistan ever.  Jazz SMS Khazana 9 is totally based the idea of customers answering various questions in order to win cash prizes by the medium of lucky draw. Total number of prizes in this offer is calculated to be Rs. 4 crore as a whole. Everyday all the users of Mobilink Jazz can win prize money of Rs. 500,000.

That’s not all, another amazing offer includes that each SMS sent by the prepaid user will earn him back 5 Mobilink minutes and also 30 Mobilink SMS and coming to the postpaid users, they can win VAS content. So basically whoever plays this game has the chance to win, win big!!!!

Prized include:

–         1 daily prize of Rs. 5 Lack

–         Prize per SMS: 5 free On-Net Minutes and also 30 Mobilink SMS

–         Grand Prize include: Rs. 4 Crore

Method to Participate:

All you need to do is send a SMS or dial at 5555 to participate in the quiz and win big cash prizes. Charges include, Rs. 15 + tax per SMS and Rs.15 + tax per minute.

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