Mobilink Announced Behtreen Ghanta Offer

Mobilink Behtreen Ghanta OfferToday i.e. 2nd Jun 2018, Mobilink Announced Behtreen Ghanta Offer for its Jazz and Jazba clients and customers! This is quite and rather exciting. Talk to your friends, family members and loved ones by activating this Behtreen Ghanta Offer. All the Jazz and Jazba customers who will be spending Rs. 10 + tax in a day, they can surely enjoy this exciting and appealing offer. It is only 80 paisa per hour calling rate and you are all set and ready to make a plunge into this remarkable and top class offer. In other words, we can say that, Jazz and Jazba customers have to spend Rs. Rs 11.95 (including taxes) per day!  This is quite a small amount to be spent in a day.

By spending this Rs. Rs 11.95 in a day, an individual will automatically become a part of this thrilling offer. Make one thing very much sure that only Jazz and Jazba customers can have this Behtreen Ghanta Offer. Customers of Jazz Easy, Jazz 24 Ghanta, JSP and PSO cannot avail this offer; hence they are not eligible for this offer. This Behtreen Ghanta offer is only valid till 31st Jan, 2013, so make sure that you do activate this offer and give maximum type to your friends and family.

Subscription Method of Mobilink Behtreen Ghanta Offer:

As soon as an individual have spend Rs. 10 + tax  in a day, then he should immediately and instantly dial *552# to make use of this offer. No subscription charges are there. Once you have activated this offer, you do not have to subscribe it on a daily basis. This offer will subscribe automatically without charging you a single penny. One thing should be kept in mind that an individual has to spend Rs. 11.95 daily so that he might be able to get hourly rates. In case, you want to switch off this offer or you want to unsubscribe it, dial *552*4#. No charges are there for deactivating this offer. Jazz and Jazba customers would be charged with 5% service fee and operational fee of 2% in the cases of recharging the offer.

Hence, Mobilink has always come up with such kind of unique and interesting offers. It is the very first day of its offer! Get up and go, take your cell phone out from your pocket and be a part of this Behtreen Ghanta Offer.

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