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Mobilink needs no introduction as it’s not only the largest cellular company of Pakistan but is also its most famous one. The company has continued its everlasting trend of public facilitation and has now come up with any other facility named as Mobicash money transfer.  Using this facility you can now easily transfer or receive money or funds within just a matter of few minutes. So if you desire to send your salary to your loved family from anywhere in the country or you need to settle your business commitments by paying cash, this is safest, cheap, reliable and secure way for this purpose. The best feature about this service is that it makes the money reach on time and that too anytime you want. All you require is to go to your nearest customer care center, franchise, or Mobicash retailers who always greet you with big smile.

Features and provisions

  1. Any person who has a valid national identity card can utilize this service.
  2. It can also be utilized by a person who is not a subscriber of the services of Mobilink which means that it’s an added plus.
  3. Money transfer can be done from anywhere at any time one desires.
  4. The service can be availed through any customer center, franchise or retail center of Mobilink.

The process of this transfer is very simple and is as follows.

In order to transfer money from one place to another, the sender will be required to bring in following items as a mandatory part of the process.

  1. Their valid national identity card of NADRA and a valid photocopy of such card.
  2. The national identity card number of the one who is going to be receiving the money.
  3. The cell phone number of the receiving and the sending party.
  4. Before the money is transferred to the receiver, the Mobicash agent which you are visiting will provide you with a cell phone on which you will have to enter a confidential pass code comprising of 6 digits which you will not tell to anyone except the one who is about to receive the money. Do not even tell the pass code to the agent.
  5. On valid completion of the complete transaction, both the receiving and sending parties will be receiving an SMS confirming the completion of the transaction.

How to receive the money

The party who will receive the money will have to bring with them the following items at their nearest Mobilink customer center, franchise, or Mobicash retailer.

  1. Their national identity card of NADRA along with a valid photocopy of such card.
  2. They must have with them, the pass code which has already been communicated to them by the sending party and they must also know the transaction’s trace number.

Mobicash Money Transfer Service Charges
Money Transfer – CNIC to CNIC
Transaction Slabs (PKR)     Total Fee (PKR)
0 – 1,000                                  60.00
1,001 – 2,500                          120.00
2,501 – 4,000                           180.00
4,001 – 6,000                           240.00
6,001 – 8,000                            300.00
8,001 – 10,000                          350.00
10,001 – 13,000                         400.00
13,001 – 15,000                         450.00

The caution which needs to be considered here is that an expired identity card of NADRA will disable you to use this service.

So if you want fast and instant transfer of money to any corner of Pakistan, go for Mobicash money transfer.

Source: Mobicash

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