Mobicash Bill Payment

People normally find bill payment very annoying as they have to be a part of the long lines that are seen at different banks. For the purpose of easing of the burden from the masses, Mobilink has come up with another exciting service which is sure to attract you big time. The name of the service is Mobicash bill payment and it allows you to pay out any of your utility bills such as those related to telephone, gas, electricity, water supply and the one related to your Mobilink indigo connection. The service is a secure and easy way of paying out bills and saves you a lot of time. It can be availed through any of the Mobilink franchise, customer centre or any of the Mobicash retail centre.

 Features and provisions of Mobicash Bill Payment service

  1. Using this service, you can pay out your bills everywhere and anywhere via the large network of our company’s franchises, retail centers, and customer care centers. This is what millions have always wanted, an easy and brisk way to pay bills without any mess.
  2. The other plus that comes with using this service is that it can be utilized at anytime regardless of the hour in the day or at night, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
  3. The process is not only brisk but is also confidential and secure as non of your information will be leaked and you will receive a confirmation SMS only on the valid completion of the payment process which will be a sufficient evidence that you have paid your bill.

Mobicash Bill Payment Process  

The following are the features and the easy steps of the payment process which you have to go through.

  1. Find the nearest Mobilink franchise, customer center, or the Mobicash retailer and go there with your bills and the cash which is required to extinguish the bill.
  2. Tell the agent there that you want to pay out your utility bill via Mobicash bill payment service.
  3. Then you will have to render the agent with your cell phone number on which you will receive the confirmation SMS and if you do not possess a mobile phone, then not to worry as you can also check the confirmation SMS on the cell phone of the agent involved in the process.
  4. After successful payment of your bill, your bill will be stamped by the agent. Always keep the stamped bill in your possession as it will comprise of details such as agent ID info and the ID number of the transaction.

Now the best part about using this Mobicash bill payment service is the fact that you won’t have to bear any additional charges for it.

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