Malala’s Father Appointed Education Attache in London

Ziauddin YousafzaiAccording to the sources from the London media, Malala’s Father has been appointed as an Education Attache in London. Ziauddin Yousuf Zai has been given and allotted a diplomatic post as an Education Attache in Birmingham, London. He is a father of a teenage Pakistani girl named by Malala Yousuf Zai. She is a Pakistani activist and was shot in the head by the Taliban agency. It was an assassination attempt. She was shot in the month of October and right now she is taking a medical treatment in the Birmingham Queen Elizabeth hospital, England. Initially, she took treatment in the hospital of Pakistan; later on they got her shifted to Birmingham Hospital.

She is at the recovering stage now. Malala got worldwide recognition because she made considerable amount of efforts and attempts for the rights of women. Time Magazine awarded this 15 year old girl as “Person of the Year” for 2012. She campaigned a lot for the rights of women and education of girls. She is of this belief that women should be granted complete freedom in each and every area of life. She advocates the education of girls and the rights of women immensely.

Ziauddin Yousuf Zai has worked as a senior teacher and administrator in Swat. He has carried in immense number of educational campaigns. He possesses a rich and strong educational background. He is a sensible man and can easily carry on all the educational activities smoothly. It is hence believed that it is the own experience and potential level of Ziauddin Yousuf Zai that convinces the foreign government of London to appoint him as an Educational Attache. The visa of his father will soon be expired in the month of March 2013. But, foreign office will soon be converting his visa into diplomatic visa.

Malala Yousafzai in hospital in BirminghamWijid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan High Commissioner to Britain has also confirmed this report. Wijid Shamsul Hasan has played a keen role in ensuring this report. He is of this notion that the Foreign Government has taken an appropriate step. It might come out better for the father of Malala to earn on his own, rather than relying on the Government of Pakistan for his expenditures.

BBC has published this report on Wednesday 2nd Jan, 2013. Today, on 3rd Jan, 2013, Wijid Shamsul Hasan has made a confirmation to this news. Ziauddin Yousuf Zai will remain on this Education Attache for at least 3 years. As long as Malala will remain and get treatment in UK, he will remain be appointed as an Education Attache in London. So, Ziauddin Yousuf Zai, father of Malala is now been associated and connected with the education consulate. He is at the grade 19 now. Appointment letter has been send to the Government of Pakistan. Foreign office has stated that Ziauddin Yousuf Zai would be getting diplomatic status, a car and an official accommodation. Hence, various social media websites have too confirmed this news. Appointment letter will soon be handed over to Ziauddin Yousuf Zai and afterwards he will taking the responsibility as an Education Attache in London.

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