List of Cellular Companies In Pakistan

Everyday and even every single second there would be one single person in the whole who made a phone call to its relatives and family mates. But when we talk about the Pakistan then there are currently many networks that have been working in Pakistan and offering the finest facility of connecting the people just through the telephone and mobiles. All such networks have been known as “Cellular Companies”. All such cellular companies have been supervised in every single step all through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Every single year all such networks offer wide varieties of services and packages for their customers and hence each time one company faces the success height and sometimes some other company defeat the company and become the king. In this article we are mentioning the list of cellular companies in Pakistan.

List of Cellular Companies In Pakistan


  • Instaphone
  • Mobilink
  • Telenor
  • Ufone
  • Zong
  • Warid

Let’s talk in detail overview regarding the function of these cellular companies.


Instaphone has been the owned by Pakistan and take hold over 3.2 million users in its account. It offers both postpaid and prepaid services. It has the network capability of 2000 CDMA as 3G.


Mobilink has been famously known among the businessman and office going people as it is much identified with the designation of “Jazz”. This company highlights the amount of 36 million users with the services of both postpaid and prepaid facilities. It has the network coverage of 900/1800 GSM.


Telenor is an international owned company that has even highlighted its one branch in India as well. This cellular company has the approximate amount of 30 million customers and is much recognized in all the sorts of class of people. It has also offered with the postpaid and prepaid facilities and accompanies the same GSM as Mobilink as 900/1800.

  • UFONE:

Ufone has been another cellular company that is working under the collaboration of PTCL and Etisalat Private Limited. This company has the user’s coverage of 19.7 million customers that is greatly acknowledged by the youngsters and teenagers. It has the availability of both postpaid and prepaid facilities for the customers along with the GSM of 900/1800.

  • ZONG:

Zong is another most famous cellular company that has been previously working in Pakistan as Paktel. It has been owned by China Limited Company. This company has taken grip over the 16 million patrons and every single year its amount is getting increased. It has also the same postpaid and prepaid facility services.

  • WARID:

On the last we have the most famed and popular cellular company known as Warid. This Company has been owned by Abu Dhabi Company that counts over 18 million customers with the accessibility of both postpaid and prepaid users.

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