Leonhard Euler Honored By Google Doodle

Leonhard Euler Honored By Google Doodle


Leonhard Euler has been honored by Google doodle. For the information of the readers, Leonhard Euler was a great mathematician. He made excessive amount of contributions in mechanics, astronomy, mathematics and optics. He was basically and primarily a Swiss mathematician. Right now, he is having his 306th birthday and he is been honored by Goggle doodle. Google is been celebrating the birthday of this renowned and reputed mathematician by creating Google doodle on Google home page.

In the time of 18th century, he made remarkable contributions in the sector of fluid dynamics and mechanics. He introduced and established the terminology and notation of mathematics. He was born on 15th April 1707 in Basel. The name of his tutor was Johann Bernoulli; he was also one of the leading mathematicians of Europe. Leonhard Euler dies in 1783.

Let us all pay tribute and homage to this excellent and great mathematician who has turned the world upside right of this mathematics and mechanics sector. He was a great contributor. If you want to know more about Leonhard Euler then you can get all the required details right here from this webpage.

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