How To Start Kitchen Gardening In Pakistan

Kitchen gardening is a pleasurable activity to gain fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for your meal. Right now we are going to throw light on How To Start Kitchen Gardening In Pakistan in an exclusive way. It is a known fact that geographical location of any country plays an important role to boost its agricultural economy. Fortunately, Pakistan is situated at a feasible position where sun rays falls directly with long summer contributing towards gross cultivation.

You can easily cultivate seasonal vegetables for your kitchen by preparing your lawn effectively. Following presentation and tips will help you to come up with delicious and tasteful production through kitchen gardening. We have also displayed remarkable images with brief discussion in the gallery to boost up users interest.

How To Start Kitchen Gardening In Pakistan

How To Start Kitchen Gardening In Pakistan

Choosing Gardening Site

It is not necessary that your garden should be adjacent to kitchen door. To decide for location, you must go for that area where sun light is strong and falls for maximum duration with drained soil. Climate plays an imperative role in agriculture sector so your garden soil must be weed free and rich in organic content. Sandy texture inhibits the yield of vegetables and fruits so you should monitor the composition of gardening soli before sowing seeds.

Preparing the Site with Fertilizers

In order to increase the neutrality and fertility power of soil, various fertilizers are used to raise the edible crop cultivation. If your soil patch is rough having weeds and grass with some pests, you need not to worry. You can easily clear up the gardening patch by adding synthetic fertilizers for example ammonium sulphate and sodium, potassium sulphates.

It will enrich the soil for better production of vegetables. Most common vegetables grown in kitchen garden include onions, ginger, tomatoes, spinach, green gourd, capsicum, bitter gourd and cucumber etc. another contributing ingredient used in the preparation of soil is humus also known as dead organic matter. For this, you can use peels, shredded leaves, grass clippings and pine needles to increase the nutritious value of gardening patch. Now divide your medium sized gardening area in small and equal lanes and compost it using sharp spade or spatula. also Read How To Start Tunnel Farming in Pakistan

Sowing Seeds

Next step is the planting of garden and it depends upon your eating habits. Different vegetables require definite temperature and water drainage. In Pakistan, kitchen garden thrives from February to March and then sunny months of July and August. Yu can experiment varieties of salad and one or two crop of vegetable initially. If you find better outcome, you can go for more cultivation in the successive seasons. After sowing seeds, you should provide plenty of water to the soil two to three times every day to retain the moisture in it. Gradually, after twenty to thirty days, water amount must be decrease for better yield. Strong sunlight is essential after sowing seeds so the plant can thrive fully. Regular watering is imperative for the growth of kitchen garden.

Maintenance and Protection of Garden

Once your vegetable breed starts growing, you should protect it from invaders like bacteria, insects, fungus and rabbits. Moreover, you have to provide natural shield in the form of glass windows and cold frames to protect them from storm and heavy rains. You have to spray the kitchen garden with insecticides and apply barriers to avoid the vulnerability of little intruders like squirrels. Thus you can maintain the beauty of your kitchen garden by following these reliable techniques.

How To Start Kitchen Gardening In Pakistan How To Start Kitchen Gardening In Pakistan

Harvesting Kitchen Garden

The last step is the careful harvesting of vegetables and fruits produced in your kitchen garden. You can harvest the rows of delicious vegetables alternatively. You can use your hands and other gardening instruments to root out your edible production.

To sum up above discussion, we can say that kitchen gardening is an environment friendly healthy activity which directs your energies in a positive direction. In Pakistan, this trend is catching high recognition due to its feasibility. We hope that above mentioned ideas about Start Kitchen Gardening In Pakistan will give you favorable ideas in this domain. If you want to recommend your suggestion for our assistance, we welcome you to write in the box given below.

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