Kevin Durant Engaged To WNBA’s Monica Wright

Through this small piece of article we will be highlighting all about the news of Kevin Durant engaged to WNBA’s Monica Wright. We have often seen Kevin Durant in the basketball field. Some of the people have a notion that his first and everlasting love was basketball but on other side no one knows that this famous basketball player will ever fall in love with some person. Yes you are absolutely right! Finally Kevin Durant has decided to get him knotted into the forever relationship of marriage. Newly, Kevin Durant has been engaged with WNBA’S Monica Wright. Reportedly this news is quite a lot shocking for the majority of the people.

Kevin Durant Engaged To WNBA's Monica Wright

Kevin Durant Engaged To WNBA’s Monica Wright

For the readers we would like to mention that Kevin Durant is one of the most famous basketball players. Monica Wright belongs to the guard with the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx. On Sunday night the news was confirmed that both of these players have finally got engaged with one another. This gossiping news was spread like the fire in the beginning but soon this rumor was bring into the world of reality after the confirmation. Kevin and Monica know each other since the high school as they completed their early education from the same education centre. They have been dating each other since the last few months and finally they give a name to their relationship.

There are many common things that are present in both of these players. Both of them are 24 years old. Monica Wright is one of the popular players and this year she is on the average of 9 points. Durant is presently playing for the Oklahoma City. Both of them are Texas Native. Well both of them have started living with one another soon after the engagement and they don’t mind about it at all.

Well we would like to wish this newly engaged couple with the happily married life in the future ahead. Let’s see that whether both of these players will be showing the same performances even after their engagement as well or not. Soon they will be knocking down the basketball field but right now they are enjoying their new life periods. We are sure that this article would have come across as much informative and interesting for you if you are one of the biggest fans of Kevin and Monica. We would wish both of them a big bash congratulations!

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