iPhone 6 release date 2019

It is heard that in early 2019 a new product from the giant company, Apple is one the verge to release the successor of its latest Smartphone, iPhone 6 or either iPhone 5s.

Horace Dediu, Asmyco’s analyst strongly believes that Apple’s products will consist of new generation after every 6 months. This assumption is strongly based on the statement given by the former CEO of Apple, John Sculley.

According to John Sculley, the company is dealing with a strong change in terms of product cycle, and now Apple is producing their products twice a year. Apple is on the verge of gaining back the glory it had few years ago by being at the top position in the tech market. Horace Dediu says that the present prediction of the iPhone’s annual launch states that most of their competitors are already on the go to update and change their models in the coming spring.

Horace Dediu also noticed that the launch ramp for iPhone5 this current year was much steeper than ever before, where more than 100 countries or more were expecting to see a new and different kind of Smartphone before December ends. It didn’t take much time before the launch of iPhone 5, rumors concerning the new model iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 began to make its name. The rumor has emerged a lot in the past few months, which included an alleged leaked back plate too. The current and the latest speculation highlight the fact that the 7th generation iPhone will also arrive in June/July next year. Features included such as NFC, 128 GB storage, Retina + display and could be available in 6-8 different colors.

Foxconn is the manufacturer of Apple’s devices and it is heard that Foxconn is making changed to improve their assembly line and to create a stronger supply chain system for the company.

At last, Horace Dediu claims that the rumors about iPhone 5s could be set to release in spring. This is just one least valuable piece of information/evidence which was added in his report. Further added, that the iPhone 4 was actually unveiled in June.

We have seen that the Cupertino-based company moved away from its planned schedule and decided to release the product twice a year, which was the iPad 4.
It was launched 7 months after its predecessor. There is a chance that Apple will do the same again this time for its flagship phone, considering the fact that all the competitors are slightly ahead of Apple right at this moment.

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