Intel Unveils Chips for Smartphones

Intel Chips for SmartphonesIntel is the worlds’ most famous and the largest chip-maker and they have recently announced their plans for powering Smartphones with their chips and a powerful platform especially developed for the emerging markets.

The announcement was made with the unveiling of an Atom processor targeted right at the low-end Smartphones and also power-sipping Core series chips for laptops and tablets all over at the Consumer Electronics Show right in Las Vegas.

Through this specific move, Intel will now take on Qualcomm, who owns the largest market-share for all the Smartphone chips. Intel targets to sell about 500 million units by the end of 2019.

Intel also announced plans to introduce a quad-core version for their tablet chip lineup, code-named Bay Trail, which will soon be available in all the devices at the end of this year.

Intel claimed that they will target all the emerging markets. Intel also said that Acer will definitely be one of the first customers for their Smarphone devices.

“The best of Intel is going to be available for the mobile device soon enough,” said by an executive of Intel.

Intel has currently struggled to sustain their share as individuals and businesses are moving to tablets and Smartphones.

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