How to start a Poultry Farm Business in Pakistan

Poultry farm in Pakistan become most revenue generating business and many people wants to start but question arise how to starts and they are searching basic how know of this business. Here you can read some suggestions and tips to start and can get handsome profit and play important role to meet poultry requirements in Pakistan.

Reason to start a poultry farm business in Pakistan:

How to start a poultry farm business in PakistanAs Chicken becomes the most copious and rich producer of edible white meat in all over the world, especially in Pakistan; so those who own poultry farms are in a great profit in a matter of fact. If we come toward the stipulation and demand of chicken in Pakistan then no one can deviate on this very fact that chicken is the most used meat, Pakistani people use to eat. There are even several brands available here in Pakistan that are sailing frozen chicken products like nuggets, chicken balls, pizzas and a lot more which also seem to be very trendy to be used in homes. Moreover it is being abundantly used in the fast food outlets like pizzerias, burger and chicken-roast shops. So it has to be stated undoubtedly that the one who has got his own poultry farm is earning like hell because of its huge, colossal and gigantic demand amongst the populace of Pakistan.

How a poultry farm business can be started in Pakistan:

For those who really want to invest their money on the right place have this vivid and vibrant opportunity to get themselves benefit from the enormous demand of chicken in Pakistan and they should mull over the poultry farm business first. For starting so they must have been acknowledged that how to start a poultry farm business in Pakistan. Following are some instructions that can really be helpful for the one who is collecting the information about this particular purpose:


  1. First and the foremost step of yours should be the planning about the area for keeping the chickens; it is to be kept it in mind that you should not begin it directly with a huge number of coops, start it with the small scale till the time it runs properly. In the planning of area you must know the estimated place required for a chicken, the following table can help you out in this very matter:






Light chicken


3 sq. ft.


Heavy Chicken


4 sq. ft.


Cage shed

4.75 sq. ft.


Cage shed

30,000 sq. ft.

  1. Make an anterior structure and put the boxes for hens to lay eggs in them to maintain the consistency of the population of chicken. One nest should be planned for each chicken.
  2. As the temperature needed by chicken is 80 to 90 degrees so the heaters and fans must be there for summer and winter seasons respectively.
  3. Purchase medically checked chicken that there should not be any kind of disease taking place in them. Try to buy those chickens have the best quality meat like Plymoth, Rock or Cornish chicken. At least one rooster should be there for the breeding for 10-12 chicken.
  4. Leave chicken for wandering and feeding in the yard, keep water dishes for them and be careful about the cleanliness to save chicken from viruses and diseases.

Above instructions will be helpful if you want the beginning of your business worthy and successful. Also can Small Business Ideas for Students in Pakistan and starts. if you like then share with family and friends.


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