How to get an ATM card from Bank?

Now it’s not just an ATM card, its moving plastic money. As the technology is in progression a lot of changes have been made in the form of money and payments as well. Banks nowadays offer visa debit cards, ATM cards and credit cards. But visa debit ATM cards are the most common ones. There are simple procedures if you want to get an ATM card from your bank.

You can get the card by simply lodging an application to your bank. The application can be lodged in two different ways ONLINE or you can practically visit the branch and fill the request form there. ┬áMost of the banks are now offering online services which includes online request form for ATM cards, transactions and even your cheque books – all of this can be delivered to you at home.

How to get an ATM card from Bank?


it is the easiest and most convenient way to get your ATM card. You should simply log on to you online account, fill in the request form and submit it. Remember the first time you get your ATM card is free but from the second time you will have to pay certain amount that is decided by the bank as the ATM fee. Every bank has its own ATM card fee, so it could vary. You will get your ATM card within a week at your door step.

Visiting your BANK

How to get an ATM card from BankYou might have to take some time out for this but if your bank’s branch is near, you should visit it. Simply go to your bank’s branch where you have your account and asked them for a request form for ATM card. Simply fill in a few details in the form and submit it on the counter. You will be given a deadline till your ATM arrived in the branch and you can collect it later from there. The ATM card fee will aromatically be deducted from your account.

Getting an ATM card is an easy and hassle free process. A small card has a lot to offer. If you have one its brilliant but if don’t, then go fetch one, it’s amazing.

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