How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan At Home

In these days many people are searching how to earn money online in Pakistan at home and this topic gets much popularity. Several experts are offering training’s of online business in Pakistan and numerous fraudulent people are making scams. Question is that you want to do online business and you do not know the basics of this business.

If your answer is yes and you want to know basic how know of online earning in Pakistan at home then do not worry here we give you a complete guideline. At this time million people around the globe are doing online business and making handsome amount without investment.

How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan At Home

If you want to start then first of all you need computer knowledge, how to make blog or website, basics of SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge and SMM (social media marketing). For those people who are unaware from blogging, SEO, and SMM we make complete Video Courses in Urdu language. After learning all these choose a right place where you want to apply your skills and then start.

I give a guideline to those people who are searching online jobs or want to make money online in Pakistan sitting at home. Those people who want to do online work on urgent basis for their pocket money then they select such type of work which pays in very short time like PTC (paid to click jobs), micro jobs or uploading file etc and for those people who wants to make a career in online business, I suggest them to do this type of solid business. Here I give you some effective business plans in below  about How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan At Home.

Make Money Via Vlogging

you can earn money by starting a channel on YouTube. its very easy and you can start in a few mints,

Make Money with Blogging

We can say that making money with blogging is top of the list in online business like online. This is most effective method to make money online at home in whole world for each kind of people who want to do part time or full time. Students, housewives, moms, employees, and businessman can do blogging for making money or passion. This is very easy and to a great extent paying job in all over the globe. Everybody can start free of cost blog with and many other plate forms which offer free of cost sub domain name and hosting services.

I recommend always to buy a short and custom domain name with self hosting, it’s not costly you can buy a reliable hosting with domain name from 20 to 50 US dollar. I also offer a course to learn blogging in Urdu for those who are beginners in this field.  If you want to start a blog the I suggest hostgator gives a best services to learner. Click Here for getting cheap domain hosting Services form HosGator.

Affiliate Marketing

Second biggest way to make money online at home is affiliate marketing. In this way you promote and sale products of other company or person on your blog or site and get commission. Many companies are offering to promote their products and top of the list is Amazon. I say this is the best way for Pakistani students to make money online at home. By working part time you can earn 2 to 20 dollar daily. Choose File uploading companies which offers affiliate program. I recommend and

Micro Jobs

Third most important method of online earning at home in Pakistan is micro jobs. In this way employees do small work like share post on face book timeline, post a comment, write a review, sign up, forum posting and many other assignments. For getting this job you can visit,, and many others. Note some point before starting micro job. Read reviews about site, check site age and conform that site is paying. After getting satisfaction starts your work and enjoy your online job.

Free lancing

This is the biggest source of online earning at home. Everybody have some skills like, article writing, graphic designing, web designing, web development and SEO expert, link building and many others. Outsourcing now a day’s become industry and many companies provides work online to skilled persons and pay after completion. By adopting this method they save many sources like electricity bills, office rent etc and employees get a handsome amount of their work. On different free lancing site like,,, and many jobs available according to your skills. If you have any skills then try it and sell your expertise on good price sitting in your own drawing room.

Network Marketing

If you want make your career in network marketing then first of all choose a right company. Network marketing is also known as MLM (multi level marketing). Anybody wants to make money without investment then I suggest him to start Network marketing and join DXN Company. You required any guideline about DXN, contact me I give you a complete DXN Presentation in Urdu and I say that a presentation change your life. This company gives us health, wealth and happiness. I think every person need these things and definitely you are also searching health, wealth and happiness.

These are some examples to make money online in Pakistan at home. There are many other ways available like earning from PTC site, online teaching, selling products online, services providing etc. I know many students and housewives are doing online jobs sitting in own bedrooms. Caution, Be away from scammers and don’t pay “registration fee”, in Pakistan many scammer are doing scams.

Don’t try any shortcut, always do hardworking with honesty. Greedy persons read advertisement of scammers and reached at their office and then they trapped easily. Post us your question via comments box below, we love to hear your voice and try to solve your problems regarding to online earning in Pakistan.


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