How to check Voter Registration In Pakistan By SMS

Election Commission of Pakistan has arrived with the new voters list for the forthcoming elections. This new highlighted system has been complete computerized that is being operated all through the assistance of the technology. According to the Daily Times Election Commission of Pakistan has stated that all such voters who will be playing their role in the elections will be able to know their standing status in the elections all through the use of mobiles messages. The particular voter is just needed to send SMS from their mobiles no matter where they are living across the whole country. This service will be activated for the citizens of Pakistan on 1st March 2012 at the timings of election. Let us give a short review over the method of availing with this service.


  • The voter is needed to send the SMS of his CNIC number to 8300.
  • As soon as the message has been send the person will get the reply message in return regarding his or her vote status.
  • This message will cost the charge of Rs. 2 plus tax for every single message.


This computerized service for the voters is of the great significance because this will help the voter to know his or her vote status. In addition, he or she would also know that whether their vote is being saved from getting misused or not. In the timings of Election there is huge sum of corruption and this service would definitely help the person from getting their free from the bribery and fraud.


  • When the person will send the message to 8300 in return the particular person will get the reply message in Urdu that is approximate of 180 characters.
  • The message will contain the name of the voter, name of his or her city, location of area, serial number of the voter and the place where he has registered his or her vote.
  • In addition the house address and contact number of the voter will be kept as confidential because there is always the danger of misusing the name of the voter and other privacy settings.
  • If in case anything disturbing or some hindrances are arriving in the service then the person should immediately get in touch with the Election Commission of Pakistan. In addition, if the person has not registered in the particular district then he or she will be informed by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

On the whole after this detail discussion we can say that all such people who feel that they would not apply for the voting this year because of the increased corruption they should stop worrying for it. Carrying out the vote is the responsibility of every single person. So don’t overlook this responsibility and apply for it. We are sure that this service would ensure you that you precious vote is registered at the right destination.

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