Google Glass Tech Specs Unveiled

Google Glass Tech Specs

For the information of the readers, Google has unveiled and launched it glass tech specs. Yes, this exciting news is all true. The very first batch of these Google glass tech specs has been shipped to the developers today. These specs consist and contains of 5 MP camera and movies in 720p. It also comprise of a 12 GB usable memory and 16 GB of flash memory. One special thing about these glasses is that they are been supported with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Battery can stand for a day but if you are going to use these glasses for heavy applications and features like video recording and Google hangout then there might be a chance that the battery gets out of time. If we talk about the specs and measurements of these Google glass tech specs then it has an adjustable nose pad and is also having a double frame. Usable memory is been synchronized with Google cloud storage. It has a Micro USB cable and a charge too.

Moving on with the compatibility viewpoint of these tech specs then any blue tooth capable phone may work with it in a synchronized way and manner. If you are finding these Google glass tech interesting and well exciting enough then you should grab them as soon as possible. Be the very first purchaser and buyer of these specs and let us know your feedback that how much you liked them. Updated specs and measurements of this technology is all here. We will be updating you on regular basis if Google will be launching and shipping more of these types of technological devices. Enjoy having these glasses and make a real and actual plunge into this technological world.

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