Effects of Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

Effects of electricity crisis in Pakistan are immense and massive in number. It has been noticed and observed with great care and attention that our country Pakistan is facing serious sort of dilemma and crisis with regard to electricity sector! Yes, this is quite and rather true. This electricity crisis is now having adverse effects on us. From political point of view, industrial view point, social lives and from economic prospect, this thunderstorm is on us.

Effects of Electricity Crisis in PakistanTalking about the actual Electricity crisis in Pakistan, the very first is the economic impact. This shortage of electricity has a crucial impact on the economic growth of Pakistan. Deficiency and lack in electricity has now put a full stop to the economic growth. In other words, we can say that growth rate has now been hampered now.

Second impact of shortage of electricity would be on the industrial sector of Pakistan. No electricity, no industries would be there. As we all know that Pakistan is earning huge some of national income on the basis of textile sector. From the studies we came to know this textile sector is contributing around 60 % of exports input but due to scarcity of electricity, factory owners are bound to close their industries and factories. This declining has now asked the owners to shut down their units. We have seen that in Faisalabad, large number of factory and industry units are now been closed only because of this electricity shortage. According to the survey of 2019, out of 2000 factories in Punjab, 800 factories have now been closed.

Moving on, due to this shut down of factories and industries in large number, huge and massive employment loss is there. Around, 4.1 million job losses were there in the last year only because of this dilemma. This 4.1 million is equal to 7.5 % of labor force.

Also it has been viewed that due to this load shedding, students are unable to study. This load shedding is affecting their studies and they find less time to get done with their studies.

Coming toward the next effect of electricity crisis in Pakistan is the political ramification. We can also say that due to this shortage of electricity, the reputation of political sector of Pakistan is declining day by day. It has been viewed that our government and political sector of Pakistan only make use of artificial and pompous words and are not making substantial efforts and attempts to get rid from this calamity. This problem is getting worse day by day and so far not a single initiative has been taken by our government.

We need an international investment to overcome this problem. It is the need of the hour that each and every provincial government should put some effort to abandon this problem. Each province should have its own electricity house so that there would be no shortage. Government of Pakistan now need to think seriously and should overcome these effects of electricity crisis in Pakistan as soon as possible. It is time to save this country from this serious dilemma before it gets worse.

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