Educational NGOs In Pakistan

The word NGO means non-governmental organizations and these types of organizations works under the provincial social welfare department. In Pakistan there are many NGOs are available that works for the social welfare. There are different categories of NGOs are working in Pakistan. Basically, NGOs are divided in two main types such as Operational and Advocacy. Apart from these types, the most common types of NGOs are as follows:

  1. NGO type by level of co operation.
  2. NGO type by level of orientation.

These NGOs types are further divided into many types like:

  1. NGO type of orientation is divided into three main types such as:
  • Charitable orientation.
  • Service orientation.
  • Participatory.
  • Empowering orientation.
  1. NGO type by level of co operation is divided into three main types such as:
  • Nation NGOs,
  • International NGOs.
  • City wide organization.

In Pakistan, many educational NGOs are working. The most popular and top educational NGOs in Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Aahung NGO.
  2. Asthan latif welfare society organization.
  3. Adult Basic education society ABES.
  4. Al-Hafiz education & health society.
  5. Al-Ameen Educational Society.
  6. Al-Nasr Development Organization.
  7. All Pakistan womens association- APWA.
  8. Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan
  9. Arise educational & health foundation.
  10. Baanh Beli.
  11. Baba Farid educational & welfare trust.
  12. Balochistan education foundation.
  13. Balochistan Environmental & Educational Journey.
  14. Behbud Association.
  15. Bunyad Foundation.
  16. Care foundation.
  17. Caritas.
  18. Cholistan association for uplifting of special education.
  19. Change in education.
  20. Developemnt, education, poverty alleviation and population welfare organization.
  21. EHSAS Pakistan.
  22. Global Campaign for Education
  23. Health and education development organization.
  24. Health education and literacy trust.
  25. Health oriented preventive education.
  26. Kashmir education foundation.
  27. Mirpur education sponsorship program.
  28. National Education foundation.
  29. National educational & environmental development society.
  30. Paki educational welfare society.
  31. Pakistan institute of labor education and research.
  32. Prevention through education Pakistan.
  33. Rehber foundation.
  34. Rising Sun education foundation Lahore.
  35. Roshani Organization
  36. ROSE Pakistan Rising organization for social work and Education Nowshera, Khyber Pakthunkhwa Pakistan.
  37. Sahar foundation.
  38. Salfia educational and welfare society.
  39. Share & care welfare foundation.
  40. Singh education foundation.
  41. Safety Health and Education (SHE NGO).
  42. Society for advancement of education.
  43. Subah Sadiq foundation.
  44. Sultana foundation Pakistan.
  45. Taleem foundation.
  46. The citizens foundation Pakistan.
  47. Voluntary organization for the improvement of community in education & Health.
  48. Zia Siddique foundation Pakistan.

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